Who Are We?


The Footy IQ Membership is a subscription service, designed by former coach/player duo Andrew Raines & Harry Simington.

Throughout his 11-year AFL career, Andrew was widely regarded as one of the league's most professional players. Whether it was doing extras before training, studying running patterns on his laptop, or spending time on his nutrition and recovery - he did it all.

Upon retirement, Andrew moved into coaching and immediately became head coach at the Gold Coast Suns Academy. It was here that Harry and Andrew first crossed paths.

The habits and professionalism Harry learned as a player under Andrew held him in good stead to pursue a career in sports biomechanics, where he has since coached a range of athletes from NAB league players to AFLW captains and Australian cricketers. 

Between Rainesy's AFL experience and Harry's knowledge of sports science (plus some expert guest appearances) the Footy IQ library was born. 

"Our mission with the Footy IQ membership is to provide unique content that inspires the next generation of players and coaches to reach their full potential"

Players with a high Footy IQ often hold leadership roles within their team due to their ability to read the game and assess the state of play. These individuals play such an important role within a team structure that they often transition into coaching, where a deep understanding of the game is just as crucial.

We've expanded our definition of Footy IQ to include off-field knowledge and understanding. From game-plan and tactics, to player development, ball skills and everything in between.

This is why we created the Footy IQ Membership, an ever growing resource that allows both players and coaches to assess and develop their own Footy IQ. This is done through expert presentations, exclusive podcasts, game reviews, player analysis, on-field walk throughs, and much more.

With all this content on-demand in your Member Dashboard, you'll be well on the way to enhancing your Footy IQ.