Mastering the Clean Hands Technique: A Guide for AFL Players

May 09, 2024

Clean hands, referring to the ability to cleanly and securely catch the ball, is a fundamental skill that can make all the difference in a game.


Here are some tips to help improve your clean hands technique:


  1. Focus on Hand-Eye Coordination: Developing strong hand-eye coordination is crucial for consistently catching the ball cleanly. Practice drills that involve tracking the ball with your eyes and reacting quickly to its movements.


  1. Use Soft Hands: When preparing to catch the ball, avoid stiffening your hands and arms. Instead, keep your hands relaxed and slightly cupped, allowing for better absorption of the ball's impact.


  1. Position Yourself Correctly: Anticipate the trajectory of the ball and position yourself accordingly. Move into a spot where you have the best chance of cleanly receiving the ball without interference from opponents.


  1. Practice Under Pressure: Simulate game-like scenarios during training sessions to improve your ability to catch the ball under pressure. Incorporate drills that involve contested marking or receiving the ball while on the move.


  1. Work on Core Strength: Building core strength is essential for maintaining stability and balance when attempting to catch the ball, especially in contested situations. Incorporate exercises such as planks, Russian twists, and medicine ball rotations into your training routine.


  1. Drill Technique Regularly: Consistent practice is key to refining your clean hands technique. Dedicate time during training sessions to focus specifically on catching and receiving the ball, paying attention to your hand positioning and technique.


By implementing these tips and dedicating time to practice and refinement, players can enhance their clean hands technique and become more reliable and effective contributors on the field. Remember, mastery of this fundamental skill can greatly impact your performance and contribute to overall team success in AFL.

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