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Build Your Own Schedule

As a Breakfast Club member, you can attend unlimited classes. Build a training schedule that suits your lifestyle.

1 Membership, Unlimited Classes

We host loads of themed training sessions each week, ranging from kicking sessions, to clean hands sessions, speed & agility sessions, mobility sessions and more!

Handball Club

Handball Club is our Monday class where players get to practice the key elements of becoming a one-touch player; groundballs, handballing and marking.


Kicking Club

Wednesdays are for kicking! Attend a Kicking Club session and you'll develop all the important elements of kicking; everything from ball drop, to stance leg stability and follow through. Our expert coaches help you put the reps in!

Craft Club

Craft Club is the ultimate all-rounder. Whether it's position-specific skills, extra touch or conditioning Craft Club is a great way to prepare for game-day. Lots of players use this Friday class as a primer for their match on the weekend.


Mobility Club

Thursday's session is reserved for mobility, flexibility and recovery. Mobility Club has quickly become one of the most popular classes, giving footballers a time and place to complete their weekly mobility work.

Coaches Corner

Meet our passionate team! Get to know the dedicated Breakfast Club Coaches who bring their unwavering passion and expertise to every training session. Each coach is committed to nurturing young talents, instilling essential skills, and fostering a love for the beautiful game.

Join us at the Coaches' Corner and experience top-notch coaching from our extraordinary team of Breakfast Club Coaches. Let's grow, learn, and succeed together on this exciting football journey!



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