One on One Coaching Clinic & Small Group Sessions

May 22, 2024

Join us at our clinic and small group sessions where you can finesse your techniques and sharpen your strategies alongside fellow enthusiasts.


Breakfast Club: Dive into dynamic small group sessions bright and early to kickstart your day with focused training and personalised attention. We also have afternoon sessions for players with school commitments.


School Holiday Masterclasses: Level up your game during school breaks with intensive masterclasses designed to hone specific aspects of your play.


Don't miss out on the action! Check out our upcoming masterclasses at our shop and stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to elevate your game. See you on the field!


Learn more: Find A Coach Near You

Ready to take your AFL game to the next level? Book a session with one of our private AFL coaches today and experience training sessions to help you reach your full potential on the field. Don't wait, start your journey to success now!


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